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    Bob Solis is an advocate for more, not less. In an economy that has people scaling back on their dreams, their goals and what they expect from life; Bob says "Go for the Luxury in life!" Rather than figuring out ways on how to scale back, come up with ways on how to get more.

    He has more than 20 years experience developing and implementing strategies for more Sales and more effective Marketing results for small to mid-sized businesses and  working with select individuals looking to maximize their personal branding potential and growth.

    Bob is the Founder and CEO of CMX Direct Results Marketing Group. An award winning Marketing & Sales Consulting firm in Orlando, Florida that helps businesses and individuals dominate their marketplace.

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  • Industries and Services

    Sales & Marketing Expertise in the following sectors:

    Automotive Dealerships

    Traditional Media  - Newspapers, Magazines, Television, Radio

    Trade and Barter Associations

    Multi-Media Digital Specialties (Online & Offline)

    Small Business Marketing & Sales  Development

    E-Learning Enterprise Learning Management

    Post-Secondary School Certification & Development

    Career Marketing & Outplacement Services

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    Bob Solis

    37 N. Orange Avenue
    Suite 500,
    Orlando Fl, 32801

    Telephone: 407 600 6583
    Toll Free: 866 547 7004 Ext. 704
    E-mail: BobSolis[at]Live.com