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    Bob Solis is an Hispanic-American Sales Trainer and Marketing Expert. He serves as President/CEO of CMX Media Partners., LLC. based in Orlando, Fl. With more than twenty years of experience in Marketing, Sales & Business Consulting, he is known nationally for his efforts in defining CMX’s position as a global leader in Turn-Around Strategies.

    Bob has leveraged his extensive industry experience working with over 2000 Small to Mid-sized Businesses to creating a Proprietary, award winning marketing system implemented by clients all over the United States, the Caribbean and South America.


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  • Holdings:

     How2Career.com - Executive Career Products
     CmxMedia.com - Small Business Turn around and Marketing Consulting
     TheEdgeRawRadio.com - Uncensored Internet Radio
     OrlandoCarsInfo.com - Orlando Automotive Industry Resources


    Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando
    Volusia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
    National Automobile Dealers Association
    National Speakers Association
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    Passionate about People and their Businesses.  Passionate about Marketing and it's eventual outcome, more sales and satisfied clients. In the last 20 years, have worked with thousands of people in many different industries. From Doctors, trying to get their practice off the ground; To the Pizzeria Owner trying to be competitive in an industry that is ubiquitous. From Job Seekers that are recent Grads to Corporate C-level Executives looking to claim their next corner office role.  Have also worked in the Entertainment Industry representing,  Artists, DJ's, and Event Planners. Automotive Dealership strategies that make staff more efficient, build stronger relationships and sell more cars.

    In all of these arenas one single theme remains consistent....The Need to STAND OUT from an ever growing sea of competition.   That is what Bob Solis does Best ... he helps people share their value propositions with the right audiences so that they can share in the wealth!

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    37 N. Orange Avenue
    Suite 500,
    Orlando, Florida  32801

    Telephone:  407 600 6583
    E-mail: BSolis-at-Cmxmedia.com