Bob Solis & Associates, Inc. a business consulting & coaching business was founded in 2006 by Bob Solis. Since the beginning BSA has focused on delivering profits to small business.

The company was originally started with one employee and $30,000 in seed capital. Today, Bob Solis & Associates, Inc. employs over 100 agent employees in the field, all seasoned executives, professionally dedicated to the immediate improvement of cash flow and profitability for clients. The company maintains offices in South Florida. 


Bob Solis & Associates, Inc. has worked with hundreds of small businesses across 400 industries across the country. BSA's mission is to increase profits and cash flow to small and mid-sized companies.

As the leading provider of implementation-based profit management and cash management services, the Bob Solis & Associates, Inc. team of professional operating executives work directly with owners to implement the changes necessary to improve their businesses and promote business growth. These services, commonly available to only the largest companies, are exclusively offered to small and mid-sized privately held companies with annual revenues ranging from $3 million to $100 million through our unique systems for Compounding Profits.


Our Process/Methodology fuses best-practices in operational innovation, flexibility, responsiveness, accountability, measurement and cost-efficiency. We begin with the right people for critical tasks such as evaluation, analysis and definition. We identify and coordinate the necessary expertise with the most suitable and valuable model. We assess the environment (culture, staff, leadership, resources, scalability, etc.) and augment or implement the essential tools, systems and processes necessary to achieve consistent value-driven outcomes. When complete, the solution will yield measurable improvements in quality, consistency, efficiency and overall value.

If you are looking to better your company's sales management, profit management or cash-flow management, Bob Solis & Associates, Inc. is more than just another business consulting business. We provide Profits not just more Papers.










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