6 Ways to get that Email Opened.

Email is the most important communications development in the history of

the world because of the Internet.

The reason is simple.

We can now communicate on a global scale in a matter of seconds no longer days; or even minutes by Fax. Fax, what is that again? LOL


This is an awesome power and responsibility. The power is the

act of communication itself. A fact many forget or ignore. To their demise. The responsibility comes in making use of this power in a reasonable and non-spam manner. Which is called Permission Marketing.

That is why it is so important to establish a mailing list of people

that have agreed to receive your email messages by adding value and making them request further from you.

You can either build your list in a slow but steady manner,

Or you can pay one of those online services to send out emails

as confirmations whenever they post a free ad on the network


Either way, here are a few tips to “Dramatically Increase the

Success of your campaigns!”


  1. Your Subject Line is the MOST Important Element.


The ‘Subject Line’ will either get your email read or immediately

deleted. It is the single most important element of your email

message. If you have a bad ‘Subject Line’ then you may as well

not even bother sending out the email in the first place.


Whatever time you invest on preparing your email campaign,

make the ‘Subject’ of the email your top priority to provide you

the opportunity to have a successful email campaign.


  1. Use Action Words.


Action words bring your message to life for the reader. They can

help you convey to your target audience the importance of your

over-all message.


For a FREE List of the Top 50 Action Words, send an email to:

Brandedstrategies[at]Gmail.com and request TOP 50 Words.


  1. Do NOT OVER Capitalize.


Some Capitalized letters are essential but too many can convey

the sense of shouting and no one likes to be shouted at.

Worse still, your message can take on a cluttered or amateurish

look if you use all capital letters.


  1. Do NOT use too many Exclamation points!

Same problem can arise here as with the use of too many

capital letters. Do not risk a cluttered and amateurish

look to help draw attention to your message.


Your message itself should do the work of attraction.


  1. Personalize When Possible.


If you have an email program that allows you to PERSONALIZE

your email messages, make use of it by making the ‘Subject’

message a personal one for the reader.

  1. Keep it 6 to 8 words maximum.


A short Subject Title Line is better because if you make it too long,

many of the email programs in use will actually cut off your ‘Subject’

message and make it either unreadable or at the least, unappealing.

These Email Basics are general strategies on getting an email opened, but there is lot’s more to ponder. I will continue these in later posts. Good Luck!

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The Fabulous Blog

Bob Solis’s views on how to write blog posts and SEO. He really focuses on the right things. Too many people focus on trying to rank well in Google and worry about becoming number 1. They forget about the person who’s actually going to read the content.

Bob says he focuses on writing content the reader will love. If the readers enjoy it then Google will too. This is because people will stay to read it, they’ll share it, and even comment on the posts. All this is great in the eyes of Google.

This is something Bob teaches. He tells people to do the same. Focus on creating great content the readers will love and you’ll rank well in the search engines too.

Bob also focuses on building the relationship with the reader to attract comments and also how to come up with content ideas. If you’ve tried creating an online business before, you know how tough coming up with new content can be.

It’s the same with Bob’s list building training. He really knows the importance of having an email list.

If you can build a decent sized email list of people who love your content, you wouldn’t have to worry about Google sending you traffic. Every time you come out with new content you can email your list telling them about it. The better the relationship you have with that list, the more visitors you’ll get to your site.

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