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Bob Solis

Through the years Bob has had one burning passion that he has wanted to fulfill. He is known for many popular Business Themed Ebooks, but through these Book Novels he is getting to live out his passion for Fantasy. He plans to write for the rest of his life because it is enjoyable beyond his wildest dreams. Bob wants his readers to love his writing and wants to hear from them. He believes the readers will help him become the writer he knows he can be.

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Reader's Feedback

Reader Feedback

Awesome Writer! - I enjoy his books so much I lose track of the time until I come to the last page.

~ Teresa


Reader Feedback

Loved it! - I've been obsessively reading Bobs books for a while now and must say this is one of my very favorites!

Shelley Higgs
Reader Feedback

Very Good! - Excellent concept, fleshed out characters and my favorite genre. You won't go wrong reading this book. Lots to enjoy!

 ~ Laura Phillips